Root·ed ⬩ /ˈrutəd/ ⬩ verb

⬩ establish deeply and firmly.
⬩ firmly implanted
We believe that ALL young dancers are special, unique, and one of a kind. It is our passion and desire to encourage and positively inspire each and every one of them in their pursuit of becoming the best dancer and individual they can be. SimplyBE’s custom dancewear and custom performance costumes was born with that truth in mind. Our products are designed to be unique, inspirational, and special with the added personal touch of an encouraging word hand written on the inside tag of each custom piece we make. The response to this simple gesture has proven to be one of the most rewarding parts of our venture thus far.


From the outpouring of love and support of our initial business model, as well as an increasing demand for our product, we have been inspired to take SimplyBE to the next level. In an effort to provide our clients with a variety of product options, while staying true to the original intent of our mission, we have made the decision to offer ready-to-wear dancewear lines with a similar model in mind. All lines of product will be named with an encouraging word and we will continue to hand write that word of encouragement onto the labels of each item made in an effort to maintain our traditional personal touch. We will continue to offer and develop custom dancewear and performance costumes in the way we have been doing. Our website is designed for you to pick and choose which way we can serve you best. We hope you enjoy the expansion of our products.
We are a mother/daughter team that share a love for all things dance. We enjoy spending time together shopping, hanging out at coffee shops and having some pretty good heart to hearts. We are each other’s “right-hand gals” and biggest supporters in each of our pursuits in life.


Wife, Mother of 3, and a Forever Dance Mom.
Leslie has journeyed alongside Kelly throughout her 20+ years of dancing creating many of Kelly’s solo costumes and spent many years assisting the studio seamstress along the way. As Kelly got older, sewing costumes slowed down and was put on the back burner, but supporting her dance dreams never wavered.


Professional Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer.
After 11 years of competition dance, and a season of pursuing dance in college, Kelly went on to pursue her passion for dance through teaching, choreographing and dancing on several professional dance companies. Kelly has built a strong clientele of young dancers whom she loves mentoring and working with at her home studio. Additionally, she is a highly sought after master teacher and choreographer throughout Colorado and beyond.