JustBEcrew - Teal

Size Guide

Gone are the days of exclusively custom sets and leos, but this founding initiative is still at the core of who we are…and we want to make YOU a part of the process! The BE tag in each of our JustBEcrews is purposefully followed by a blank line for you to fill in yourself. Add a word of encouragement, your personal mantra, or a gentle reminder of something you want to focus on…OR… choose to leave it blank and justBE! Whether you decide to shout your word from the rooftops or keep it personal, we hope your choice will inspire you and remind you of the star you are! 


Should you choose to add a word, any ballpoint pen will work - please DO NOT use gel pens, markers, or sharpies.

#definingquality #whatwillyourwordBE #JustBE



All justBEtees and justBEcrews have been bleach splattered for a cool vintage vibe. This process can sometimes cause normal fabric wear, including fraying or pin holes. This is normal and expected. All products are either 100% cotton or a cotton blend and have been pre-washed and dried for maximum comfort. 

Washing recommendations:

Wash in cold water with like colors, dry on a cool setting or lay flat to dry.