Elowen in BErefined and BEmoxie

Elowen is 9 and a member of the Junior Company team at Boutique Dance Academy. This will be her 5th year as a competitive dancer but she has been dancing since the young age of 2! Elowen has been successful, taking 1st overall in many regional competitions as well as title at Showstopper and Encore.  She also was the Grand Champion winner at Inferno dance, with her solo scoring the highest in the 11 & under category! She has taken home scholarships from competitions such as Intrigue, NRG and NUVO this season as well.

Elowen is very proud of her role as a BittyBE brand ambassador for SimplyBE and loves the new family she has made from this amazing company.  Her current fav is the BErich line as she finds all the pieces comfortable to dance in!

Apart from dance she enjoys eating sushi, traveling with her family and art! 

IG: @elowenlouise_dance


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